Thinking 2 Think

What is Critical Thinking and Why it is vital?

September 15, 2020 Michael Antonio Aponte Season 1 Episode 1
Thinking 2 Think
What is Critical Thinking and Why it is vital?
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Show Notes


This is the first episode of Thinking 2 Think, the Critical Thinking podcast where we analyze topics such as Civics, History, Culture, Philosophy, Politics, business, and current events through a critical thinkers lens. I am your host, the social studies educator Michael Antonio Aponte also known by my students as Mr. A.

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We, as humans, have a very hard time of practicing it on a daily basis. It takes PRACTICE and DISCIPLINE. The hardest part of critical thinking is taking the emotions out of the decision you make based on the facts you have evaluated. 

  •          According to a survey from Payscale, 60% of college GRADUATES do not have critical thinking skills and that is a major problem. Therefore, this skill is something that will be valued in ANY career you choose!
  •         Critical thinking is self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking. This means, you also need to develop those skills as part of critical thinking.
  •         Critical thinking is individual thinking. Almost every historical leader has shown signs of critical thinking. Before we go into the subject of Civics, history, or current events, we need this foundation. 

We will also dive into Logic which is reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity. 

  • In other words, it needs to be valid (true) and factual. There are different forms of Logic but it is too advanced to analyze at the moment. But we will review 3 forms of Logic: Deductive Reasoning (Arguments), Abductive Reasoning (Arguments), and Inductive Reasoning (Arguments).

I also give a brief introduction to who I am, where I came from, and why I am starting this Podcast!

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